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New! 1866 letter by James Lynah about his grandfather Dr. James Lynah “...a charming smile and a happy jest always went along with him so that he inspired cheerfulness everywhere...”
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Cornell 1904 football Captain James Lynah

Lynah Elected Football Captain.

James Lynah, 1905, of Savannah, Georgia, was elected captain of the 1904 eleven at a meeting, held on Monday, of the men who won their Varsity letter in the Princeton and Pennsylvania games.
Lynah came to Cornell a year ago from Clemson College. South Carolina, and during the Fall has been substitute quarterback and fullback on the Varsity eleven. In '97 he captained the Savannah, Ga., high school team and in 1900 and 1901 played right end and right halfback on the Clemson College team.
He is a member of Sigma Phi fraternity and is a candidate for the degree of electrical engineer.

Lynah in a bit of hot water before Cornell!

1902: Dissent on campus among the students over the college's rigid military discipline and overcrowding in the barracks, among other things, leads to in-fighting between the student body and faculty, some of whom, it becomes obvious, are hated by the cadets. Senior James Lynah ill-advisedly steals a turkey from the yard of history professor W.S. Morrison and his graduation is held up. The senior class petitions the faculty to let him graduate. The senate cannot muster the three-fourths majority required to expell Lynah during its January 22-January 23 meeting, but suspends the cadet indefinitely. The secret proceedings of the meeting become known to the students within the day, revealing that at least one faculty member, sympathetic to the students, leaked the debate. An outraged President Henry Simms Hartzog calls a special meeting of the professors and denounces the "eavesdroppers or traitors in the Faculty" and describes "the condition of affairs" as "annoying, serious, and disgraceful." Eventually, Lynah is allowed to graduate, and becomes a loyal alumnus.

Cornell Princeton Football Program 1904

From comes this quote; they have nice images from the program of the team and Captain Lynah. “Cornell’s Captain, James Lynah ’05 was prepared at Clemson College, S.C., is 22 years old, weighs 160 pounds and is five foot 11 inches tall”

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