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Lynah family history


Lynah geneology

This site presents a facsimile of "The Lynah Family Genealogy" by J. Heyward Lynah, 1965. Begin.

The document appears to be a copy of a mimeograph of a typewritten version. There are at least two copies of the geneology, with a few minor changes in content and different typewriter balls used on sets of pages.

You may download a pdf scan of the document; large file alert: ~4.3 Megabytes.

Verus fidei - Lynah family crest

See the 1875 map included with one copy of the geneology.

verus: true, real, genuine, actual; properly named; well founded; right, fair, proper

fidei: faith, loyalty; honesty; credit; confidence, trust, belief; good faith

Source: nd.edu