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City Gazette, 1-10-1829  Public Sales
Valuable city property by Ogier, Bee & Carter between the legatees of Dr. Jas. Lynah, deceased, complaintants and Dr. Edward Lynah and other defendants,

On Wed. 14 January will be sold virtue of decreal order of the Court of Appeals. The following valuable real estate belonging to the legatees of Dr. Jas. Lynah. The fine tenement brick house on the northeast corner of Meeting and Queen Streets containing six large upright tooms with extensive garrets and vaulted cellars(1) measuring in front on Meeting Street 22'11" and in rear or depth 164'3" on Queen Street, (2) with all the buildings thereupon comprising a two story brick kitchen, brick stable, and two story brick house fronting on Queen Street and now producing a rent of $100 per annum. The above has ever been considered one of the best professional residences in this city.

The 3 story wooden house and lot in Meeting Street in possession of Thos. Inglir, hairdresser. The above rents for $300 per annum and is deemed valuable, the house being built of black cypress.

The adjoining small house and lot with other buildings thereon.

The two story wooden house and lot 35'6" x 103'6" on Wentworth Street.


(1) Recently the existing structure was razed and the writer had the opportunity to examine the cellars which still remain from the original building. They were ample to accomodate the most lavish of taste in wine and other beverages, as befitted a Charleston gentleman.

(2) The house on Meeting Street was acquired Oct. 13, 1785 for the sum of 2830 Guineas from Wm. Hasell Gibbes. The description of the land being similar to that above. It was bounded on the north by the property belonging to Bernard Elliott and an alley at the rear. RMC book Y-5 pg. 212