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It would appear that Edward although he had been left a considerable estate was not as sagaceous or as competent as his father. At age 66, in 1825, he was forced to turn over the estate to his son James (4) and much off it had to be liquidated in order to pay his debts. This was done and James (4) managed to save a substantial portion; however, the settlement of the estate trust of Dr. James Lynah (1) was not to the liking of the various other grandchildren. As a result numerous lawsuits were initiated, even before Edward's death, by neices, nephews, and even his own son Edward Thomas.(1)

Edward lived the luxurious life of a planter and prosperous citizen of Charleston. He was a Mason, Director of the Bank of South Carolina, and active in the Catholic Church, assisting in the purchase of the Vauxhall Gardens where the present Cathedral was built on Broad and Legare Streets in Charleston.

Edward, certainly one of the most handsome of the Lynahs was, it would appear, to be somewhat atypical of a rich man's son. Apparently lacking the business acume of his father, he managed to lose a large part of his father's estate through various speculations. His vanity and pride are apparent in some of his actions. For example after removing some poor waif from the orphanage, he in turn, sued the directors of the orphanage for the maintenance and support of the child. An unheard of action as the court declared in finding against him.(2) He was obviously honest as his father trusted him, his son admired him, and he was not one to shirk his obligation or responsibilities, but he really depleted and complicated the family finances and consequently the friendly relationships which should have existed between sons James and Edward Thomas were broken and as far as has been determined were never restored.


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