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Lynah family history

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1759 - August 27, 1834

We are informed by his son James in the previously mentioned letter that Edward Lynah, his father, immigrated from Ireland with his mother and brother around the year 1768-1770 and after serving in the Revolutionary War as a surgeon's mate in the seige of Savannah and with Marion's Corps, he married first on 6 December 1792 in Charleston:

Elizabeth Sanders Rose (1774 - 22 July 1815, age 42) issue:

I. (4) James b 13 Sept. 1793

II. (5) Infant, unnamed, b & d 1796

III. (6) Eleanor Monica - Married (1) Arnauld St.Martin Remoussin (d Chas. 7 Aug. 1820) M (2) 30 Nov. 1836 Michel Esperanue DeHersant, Council of France for the Port of Phila. issue unknown.

IV. (7) Mary Anna m 13 May 1822, in Chas. Dr. William Lennox Kirkland (He died 12 July 1828 age 31.) issue unknown.

V. (8) Elizabeth Isabella m 1 January 1829 at Stono, St. Paul's Parish, Dr. Edward Wilkinson Hamilton, son of Gov. Paul Hamilton of S. C. They moved to Alabama in 1832, issue unknown

VI. (9) Edward Thomas m Adaline Fickling, neice of his stepmother.

Edward married (2) on 27 Nov. 1816 Elizabeth Fickling (d May 1841).  There was no issue from this marriage.

Edward Lynah, planter, doctor, realtor, commission merchant, auctioneer, as he calls himself at various times was left trustee of his father's estate for both his and his brother James' (2) part. The estate was indeed formidable and through various purchases and alterations by 1825 consisted of the following:(1)

1. plantation:

Laurel Hill, Combahee River, S. C. 1676 acres

Laurel Springs, Combahee River, S. C. 852 acres (the old house tract adjoining Laurel Hill)

2. tracts of land: 

Pineland, Rummock Branch, St. Barthomew's Parish 1300 acres
Stono River, St. Paul's Parish 681 acres
St Paul's Parish Colleton County, 370 acres
St. Paul's Parish, Colleton County, 662 acres on Pon Pon River
St. Paul's Parish, Colleton County, 200 acres on Adams Run
East Florida, Alachua (?) Lands 4000 acres

3. City Property:

Dwelling, Pitt & Montague Sts., Charleston
#4 & #5 King Street, Charleston
Dwelling Meeting and Queen Sts.

4. Slaves:  201

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(1) Indenture RMC Bk MN9 pg 146