Family Tree
      Dr James Lynah 1
      Edward 2
      James 3
      Lt Col James 4
      Dr Edward Thomas 9
      Edward 16
      Dr Arthur 18
      Paul Hamilton 26
      James Lynah 28
      Edward 29
      John Heyward 30
      Arthur 31
      Savage 46
      James 47
      John Heyward 50
      Arthur Ancrum 54
      John Heyward 56
      John Heyward 63
      Mary Howard 64
      Savage Heyward 65
      Wallace Howard 66
      Arthur Ancrum 69
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Lynah family history

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born cia 1854 died Warrenton, Ga., June 13, 1922 buried Savannah, Ga.

Paul Hamilton married Alice Guerrard Gadsen in St. Michaels Church, Charleston, June 7, 1877. She was the only daughter of Christopher John and Cathrine Blake Guerrard Gadsen. She died in Savannah January 6, 1904.

issue: (45) Paul Hamilton 1888-1893

Paul Hamiilton lived a number of years in Charleston where he was married and employed in a printing firm. He resided in Bluffton, S. C. and Savannah until his later years when he returned to Warrenton, Ga., to plant cotton.