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Lynah family history

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1761 - July 1816

The second son of Dr. Lynah also came to this country about 1768-1770 with his mother. Presumably he was also born in Dublin, Ireland. He is listed in the Regimental Muster of Capt. James Bethams Company of militia as a private, whether he was in any action in the Revolution is not known. At an unknown date after the Revolution (probably with the British evacuation of Charleston) he and his wife Sarah Gordon left this country and took up residence in Holland. Following a stay of about 10 years they left Holland for Ramsey, or Isle of Mann, where they resided until their death. Their children were:

I. (10) Edward b 1795 in Holland, a surgeon unmarried 1851
II. (11) Ellen b 1801 in Holland, unmarried 1851
III. (12) Maria baptised 1806 in Ramsey, Isle of Mann, unmarried 1851
IV. (13) Sarah married Charles Bland, issue unknown

James Lynah(3) was commissioned Captain in the Royal Manx Fencibles 15 June 1809. This Manx Regiment was formed to protect the island from possible invasion by Napoleon. However, the expected invasion never took place and the most serious problems confronting this militia regiment seems to have been preventing the desertion of their troops. Sargeaunts, the Royal Manx Fencibles, mentions Capt. Lynah moving a detachment from one part of the Island to another, and thats about all.

An interesting playbill from the Manx Museum, Douglas, lists Capt. Liner (we've had trouble with the spelling) as sponsoring a play "Secrets Worth Knowing" at the Theatre Royal, Ramsey, for the benefit off one Mrs. Newton, thus indicating either his interest in the theatre or Mrs. Newton or both. Exactly where his interest lay has not been determined. His death in July 1816 was followed by his wife's death on 10 Nov. 1816.

Of his children very little information has been found. Edward, Maria, and Eleanor were all unmarried and living on the Isle of Mann as late as 1851. Therefore it is unlikely that these three ever married. The two daughters are listed as "annuitists" indicating that some of Dr. James' estate had reached them. Their other daughter Sarah according to family records also lived on the Isle of Mann and married a Charles Bland. No records of her or her marriage had been uncovered on the Island. It is fairly certain that the name died out on the Isle of Mann with the death of Edward some time after 1851.