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Colonel Daniel Heyward married (1) on March 8, 1744, Mary Miles (1727 - 1761), a daughter of William Miles of St. Andrews Parish, by whom he had six children; (2) Jane Elizabeth Gignilliat (1743 - 1771), by whom he had three children; (3) September 8, 1771, Elizabeth Simons (1747 - 1788) of Charles Town, by whom he had two children.

Daniel Heyward (1) was born on July 20, 1720, and died October 4, 1777. He married (1st) March 8, 1744, Mary Miles (1727 - 1761), daughter of William Miles of St. Andrews Parish. Children:

I. Thomas Heyward, b. July 28, 1746, died April 17, 1809.

He married (2nd) Jane Elizabeth Gignilliat (1743 - 1771) daughter of John Gignilliat and his wife Mary M. DePre. Children:

VIII. Nathaniel Heyward, born January 18, 1766, died April 1851


THOMAS Heyward, son of Thomas and Nester, was born January 26, 1723. Se spent his early life of James Island but later moved to Granville County, where he acquired and developed large plantations on the Pocotaligo and Tulifinny rivers. He married (1) in March 1746, Ann Stobo, by whom he had one son, who died in infancy; (2) on February 14, 1748, Anne Miles (1731 - 1763), a daughter of William Miles, and younger sister of Mary, first wife of Daniel Heyward, by whom he had nine children, five of whom died in infancy.


Margaret Heyward, born March 31, 1753, died May 6, 1832. She married (1st) her cousin Daniel Heyward. No issue. She married (2nd) Col. Wilson Glover (1736 - 1807) and left issue. From their daughter, Pegg Ann Glover, who married Major John Huger, are descended branches of the Elliott, Gaillard, and Sinkler families; from their son, John Heyward Glover, who married Eliza Vincent, are descended branches of the Glover, Lynah, (see Glover) and Jenkins families of Grahamville and Beaufort.


THOMAS HEYWARD, JR., the Signer (designated "Jr." to distinguish him from his uncle Thomas Heyward), son of Daniel Heyward and his wife Mary Miles, was born on his father's Old House Plantation, July 28, 1746. Sent to England by his father to complete his education, he was admitted to Middle Temple, London, January 10, 1765, was called to the Inns of Court, May 21, 1770, and to the bar of the Province of South Carolina, January 22, 1771. In 1772 he was elected a member of the Commons House of Assembly from St. Helena's Parish, in 1774 served as delegate to the Provincial Congress and in 1775-6 as member of the Council of Safety. As a delegate to the Continental Congress at Philadelphia he was one of the four South Carolina signers of the Declaration of Independence. He served as a captain in the colonial forces during the American Revolution and while in command of the Charles Town Battalion of Volunteers at the siege of the city of May 12, 1780, was taken prisoner and sent to St. Augustine. Elected a circuit judge for South Carolina in 1778, and his term being interrupted by the war, at the end of the Revolution he returned to the cirucit bench, where he served from 1779 to 1789, at which time he resigned. In 1790 he served as a member of the state Constitutional Convention. Interested in the development of agriculture, he was active in the formation of the Agricultural Society of South Carolina and in 1785 became its first president. He divided his residence between Charleston and is plantation While Hall (a few miles from Old House), where he planted what was to become a magnificent double avenue of live oaks leading to the house. He died April 17, 1809, and was buried near his father in the family graveyard at Old House. Over his grave the State of South Carolina in 1922 erected a handsome stone, nine feet high, mounting a bronze bust of the Signer.

Thomas Heyward married (2) May 4 1786, Elizabeth Savage, daughter of Thomas Savage and his wife Mary Elizabeth Butler, By her he had two sons and one daughter.

Thomas Heyward , born July 14, 1789 died April 15, 1829, He married Ann Elizabeth Cuthbert (born March 12, 1792 died January 16, 1831.), daughter of Gen. John Alexander Cuthbert and his wife Mary DuPre Heyward, their second child.

Thomas Savage Heyward was born in Beaufort County October 18, 1815, died May 26, 1889. He married (1st) Georgianna Hasell daughter of Major Andrew Hasell and his wife Anna Ashe.

Their eleventh child Ella Louise Heyward, born 1855, married John Heyward Lynah.

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