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Lastly he was appointed in 1799 Physician General and General Director of all the Militia Hospitals of South Carolina.(1) There could be no finer tribute to Dr. Lynah than this notice which appeared in the Charleston City Gazette October 19, 1809.(2)

General Orders

Charleston October 18, 1809

The general staff of the state will wear the usual military mourning on Sunday next and all other public occasions for one month; a tribute of respect to the memory of Dr. James Lynah, Physicial General, deceased. By order of his Excellency, the Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over the State of South Carolina.

John Johnson, Junior, Aide de Camp
John Drayton, Governor


(1) Charleston City Directory 1801, 1803, 1806 & S. C. Medical Society records.

(2) Dr. Lynah died Oct. 17, 1809 and is buried at Laurel Springs Plantation which is located on Highway 17 between Charleston and the Beaufort turn-off on the Combahee River. The plantation at the time of his death belonged to the Elliotts, family of his son, Edward's, first wife Elizabeth Sanders Rose. The rectangular brick marker is well preserved and is enclosed in an iron fence given by his great grandson, the late James Lynah. The fence was made in my ironworks. The plantation is now owned by Mr. Oswald Lightsey.