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Colonel John Barnwell was born in Dublin, Ireland. In 1670 he was a resident of the colony of South Carolina. He was speaker for the colony before the Lord Regents and Secretary of the Province of S. C. in 1702.

Colonel Barnwell was dubbed "Tuscarora'' from having commanded the expedition sent by S. C. to aid in repression of the Tuscarora Indians in N. C. He was a cadet of the family of "Trimlestown" Barnwell; and Earldom created in 1461 for a younger son of Barnwell of "Crickstown", County Meath, Ireland--the heads of which family had been Knights since 1301.

The first Baron of Trimlestown was Robert Barnwell, Lord High Chancellor Of Ireland and probably the most notable character of the name. The family in Ireland have ever been staunch Roman Catholics and tradition says that the cause of the emigration of "Tuscarora" John was "the marble head" of his family towards his becoming a member of the Anglican church.

The son of Col. John Barnwell, also John, had two daughters, Anne and Catherine. They married two brothers, William and Andrew Deveaux. Again we have a double line through some of the family (Heyward-Howard).