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Lord John Cuthbert, Baron of Castlehill Inverness, Scotland, grandson of William Cuthbert and Janet McKenzie, grandson of Lord John Cuthbert - 1611, great grandson of Lord John Cuthbert - 1593, great grand son of Lord George Cuthbert - 1548, great grandson of Lord William Cuthbert - 1478, great grandson of Lord George Cuthbert, Commander of the Forces of the battle of Harlow against "Donald of the Isle" on May 17, 1412, under his kinsman, the Earl of Mar, from Baron George Cuthbert, AD 1412. For his reference may be had to the "Cuthbert or Colbert" Birth Brief, issued in AD 4th June 1686 by the Parliament of the Kingdom under the Great Seal of the King of England and signed by the Duke of Gordon, the Duke of Landerdale, Keith Earl Marshall of Scotland and twenty other Earls and Barons, kinsmen of the "Colberts", wherein it is shown that these Colberts or Cuthberts were of most illustrious descent, thus deing descendants, lawfully begotten of Robert the Bruce, for his daughter Marjory was the wife of Walter Stuart, whose son was Robert II King of Scots and the first of the Sovereigns of the house of Stuart, now on the throne of England. The Cuthberts were also linial descendants of the great McDuff Earl of Fife, the Duke of Somerset, John of Gaunt duke of Lancaster, and his Majesty Edward III.

General Lachlon Cuthbert died at Calais, France. He was a general in the French Army. He and Alexander Cuthbert were united to France by the family of ''Colbert'', their cousins, descendants of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Marquis of Seignalay, minister of Finance and Navy to Louis 14th, King of France. Jean Baptiste Colbert was born at Rheims July 29, 1619, and died at Paris 6th October 1683.