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The Beckwiths derived their name from Lady Dame Beckwith Bruce, daughter of Sir William Bruce, Lord of Uglebarby, which Lordship and Lands he had inherited from his ancestor, Sir Robert Bruce of Skelton Castle, the progenitor of the Royal Bruces of Scotland.

Lady Beckwith Bruce possessed by inheritance an estate or manor of land called Beckwith in the old Anglo-Saxon Beckworth from "Beck" a brook and "Worth" an estate. With a view evidently to the prepution of the name she required her husband Sir Hercules de Malebisse by a marriage contract dated 1226 to assume the name Beckwith. Sir Hercules was the great-grandson of Sir Hugo de Malebisse c.l066 who held lands in the time of William the Conqueror. Sir Hugo had three sons, the youngest also Hugo c.1138 married Emma daughter of William de Percy, a Norman Baron. Their fourth son, Sir Simon de Malebisse, Lord of Citon, in Craven, married the daughter of John Lord de Menthly. Their son Sir Hercules married in 1266 Lady Dame Beckwith Bruce.

22. Sir Hugo de Malebisse c. 1066 m?
21. Hugo de Malebisse c. 1138 m. Emma daughter of William de Percy and Adalaid de Tonbridge
20. Sir Simon de Malebisse (8th child) Lord of Cawton in Craven m. the daughter of John Lord of Methley.
19. Sir Hercules de Malebisse changed name to Beckwith m. 1226 Lady Dame Beckwith Bruce.
18. Sir Hercules Beckwith m, daughter of Sir John Ferrers of Tamworth Castle
17. Nicholas Beckwith de Clint m. daughter of Sir John Chatworth.
16. Hamon Beckwith c. 1339 m. daughter of Sir Philip Tynley, Knight.
15. William Beckwith c. 1364 m, daughter of Sir Gerard Urfleet.
14. Thomas Beckwith m. daughter of John Sawley of Saxton.
13. Adam Beckwith de Clint m. Elizabeth de Malebisse, thereby reuniting two families of older union.
12. Sir William Beckwith de Clint m. daughter of Sir John Baskerville
11. Thomas Beckwith of Clint m, daughter of William Heslerton.
10. John Beckwith m. daughter of Thomas Radcliff of Mulgrove.
9. Robert Beckwith living in 8th year of King Edward IV.
8. John Beckwith of Clint & Thorpe.
7. Robert Beckwith c. 1536 m. Jennet.
6. Marmaduke Beckwith of Clint and Dacre c 1597 married Anne, daughter of Dynly of Bramhope County, York.
5. Matthew Beckwith imigrant to Anerica 1635 at Saybrook Point, Conn, m. Elizabeth.
4. Matthew Beckwtih born Conn. 1637-1727, m. Elizabeth.
3. Jonah Beckwith b. N. London, Conn. 12-27-1673 d. 1744 m. Rebecca 7-12-1701.
2. Jonah Beckwith b. Lyme, Conn. 9-17-1702 died 1794
m. Sarah 1744. Chaplin 1st Reg. Conn. Vol French & Indian Wars, 1705-1797
1. Barzillian Beckwith 1736-1818 m. Mary Butler.
0. Dr. Baruch Beckwith, M.D. b. E. Haden 7-6-1779 m. Lucy Mather b . Lyme, Conn. 11-11-1777 d. Beckmantown 2-28-1833.
+1. Samuel B . M. Beckwith b. Beckmantown 4-16-1814 lawyer, m. Mary Beckwith 5-26-1842.
+2. D. Geo. M. Beckwith b. 9-10-1853 Plattsbrug, N. Y. d . May 26, 1901 m. Carrie Kitchell 10-1-1877, d . 12-21-1887.
+3. Elizabeth E, b. 1-18-1881 m. Jas. Lynah.